In my last UpWord, I threw out a challenge to create possible titles of novels in different genres. I also gave a quick condensation of a plot for each of the titleless novels. And I did say that if I got some good responses, I’d publish them here.

Contemporary Fantasy – A Faustian musician who’s trying to resurrect a dead musician so they can jam together.

Romantic Fantasy – A knight who spends five years trying to break a spell cast on him by a witch, only to slowly fall in love with her.

Science Fiction – The first mission to land a human on Mars succeeds. The astronauts are exploring the planet for themselves, and they meet humans who landed thousands of years ago and have evolved for the Martian climate.

Romance – A student on a study abroad trip falls in love with the bartender at the pub down the road, and on the last day of classes before she leaves, she confesses her feelings.

Mystery – A woman researching her genealogy finds that several people from different branches of her family all died in the same mysterious location — of unknown causes.

First, here are some excellent titles from Brian Bettger;

  • Scenario #1
    • Raising Rachmaninov
    • Hell of a Jam
    • Bach From the Dead (my personal favorite)
  • Scenario #2
    • Realm’s Recompense
    • Camelot’s Curse
    • Spellbound Crusader
    • Templar Exemplar (my personal favorite)
  • Scenario #3
    • We Were Never Alone
    • Unexpected Gravity
    • First Cousin on Mars
    • The First Second Landing (my personal favorite)
  • Scenario #4
    • Last Round’s On Me
    • Passing the Bar
    • Foreign Exchange (my personal favorite)
  • Scenario #5
    • Fatality Family Tree
    • Dead Roots
    • Digging Up the Family Plot (my personal favorite)

I also received a nice little list of titles from Loryne Coffin.


Eerie notes

The cave

The theremin

And a big thank you to person who sent the really gnarly titles. They made me laugh but they were just too rude to print.

I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.