This is the first UpWord Newsletter of what I hope will eventually be a pretty long list. I am also going live with my brand-new website Tim Pelton Author Headquarters, so if I seem a little giggly, it’s because I am!

As I was preparing my novel Headfirst: A Novel of the Sixties for publication, I knew I was going to need a new website. My good old blog, The Pelton Chronicles has served me well for the last 2 ½ years, but I was going to need a link to the novel on Amazon, an opportunity for people to get a free download of 3 Orphan Stories, a place for folks to sign up to get this newsletter as well as an archive of past newsletters, and a way that people can see what projects I’ll be working on in the future.

Luckily for me – and now you – There was just enough extra money in the proceeds from the Headfirst Kickstarter Campaign to allow me to hire a web designer. Her name is Iram Zeeshan, she lives in Pakistan, and I found her on All I’ve had to do is assemble graphic packages in Photoshop and send them off to her. She inserts them into the site and makes sure everything fits together. I’ve seen her portfolio and it is mostly very slick and clean-lined corporate stuff. I come along and toss her not just a curveball, but a brightly colored, frayed-around-the-edges curveball. She not only handles it but knocks it out of the park. I somehow doubt, however, that she’s going to set up a “Fun ‘n’ Funky” section in her CV any time soon.

Please have a look around, kick the tires, check out the cupholders made from banana skins. If you come across something that doesn’t work yet, rest assured it soon will. Take care of yourselves and I’ll talk to you in a couple of weeks.